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This is the alliance navy marine long ranks grade to rank template. The following box shows how it works and some example usages, which can be seen below.

|e1=E-1 Marine
|e2=E-2 Private First Class
|e3=E-3 Lance Corporal
|e4=E-4 Corporal
|e5=E-5 Sergeant
|e6=E-6 Staff Sergeant
|e7=E-7 Gunnery Sergeant
|e8=E-8 First Sergeant
|e9=E-9 Master Gunnery Sergeant
|o1=O-1 Ensign
|o2=O-2 Lieutenant
|o3=O-3 Commander
|o4=O-4 Captain
|o5=O-5 Colonel
|o6=O-6 Commodore
|a1=A-1 Vice Admiral
|a2=A-2 Fleet Admiral

{{Rank Marine Long|grade=e3}}

{{Rank Marine Long|grade=o3}}

E-3 Lance Corporal

O-3 Commander