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This page is currently a work in progress and may not be complete or accurate. It is assigned to Meyar.
Second Life
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You wanna know about our time in SL? Oh boy, here we go...

Here's the TL;DR:

The Alliance Navy was founded in 2005 when a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds playing Second Life (a "game" where you can do anything, build anything, and script anything) got together and decided to build giant working spaceships. Eventually those spaceships needed crews, and some people didn't want to fly the ships, but fight on them (enter the Alliance Navy Marines), and some of them were aircraft carriers (enter the Air Division), and eventually we ran into some other folks who decided we should all fight each other and start drama.

This grew into the Second Life Military Community. While the majority of the residents of Second Life were off dressing like animals and having sex, we were off in our weird corner building custom guns, and architecting battlefields and emplacements and lots of ships, and armor, and all kinds of cool things. For someone creative, it was kind of a dream. You could literally model a gun, script the gun, and make it do anything you wanted to. If you wanted it to fire 2000 rounds per second, you could do that. If you wanted it to fire chickens, you could also do that.

However, after 10 years of this, the community distilled itself down into a cesspool. Shit got old. The drama outweighed the fun. Those of us that were over that place decided we should focus more on the games we'd been playing on the side than SL, and then we dumped SL altogether and collectively found something better to do. 3 years later and most of us try to think about SL as little as possible, but many people are still nostalgic. Despite what it became, and despite what all the normies used it for (sex and debauchery) it was still a pretty cool platform.
Sam HandwichAlliance Navy Discord (#barracks), 2018 Nov 27

This article serves as a timeline of our group's operational history prior to transitioning to our current multi-gaming community format.



  • 2005 MAR 15: The Alliance Navy is founded.












  • 2016 JAN/FEB: Project Unity Incident unfolds, resulting in the exit of some senior members, and a full shuffle of the group's senior leadership.
  • 2016 DEC 26: MESSAGE TO ALL HANDS 26 DEC 2016 issued, detailing plans to abandon Second Life as the Alliance Navy's primary platform.
  • 2016 DEC 26: Continuation of Second Life Operations issued. Proteus Hand appointed head of Second Life Operations.


  • 2017 FEB 27: Proteus Hand is ejected from the Alliance Navy. Xegras Xue becomes interim Admiral.
  • 2017 FEB 28: Luca Vasilopita is appointed as head of Second Life operations.