Alliance Navy Leadership Model Mark 1

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Alliance Navy members who choose to become part of the leadership team at any level must seek to achieve a standard of personal character that allows them to both have and create fun. Broadly speaking, a good candidate for leadership roles should attempt to:

Demonstrate a calm, friendly, and helpful attitude,
Aim to create a positive environment for the people they are leading,
Present themselves well in public, as representatives of the group,
Encourage others to become members, and mentor new members,
Assist other leaders in achieving these goals.

Team Leader & Field Commander Expectations


Team Leaders & Field Commanders must perform specific tasks. Broadly speaking, a good TL or FC will attempt to:

Be in communication with their subordinates and superiors.
Enforce appropriate communications discipline.
Maintain unit cohesion and coherence.

Team Leaders & Field Commanders are required to be engaged with the games they are leaders for. This requirement can be understood as:

Participate regularly in scheduled operations in the games they TL for.
Create interest and activity for the games they TL for outside scheduled operations.
Participate regularly in operations command meetings.

Team Leader Expectations


Follow the instructions of more senior or currently commanding leaders for the game.
Show familiarity with the games they TL for, and be willing to train and mentor others.

Field Commander Expectations


Show a high level of engagement and familiarity with the games they FC for.
Maintain a focus on identifying and completing objectives as a team.

How To Become A Team Leader


Act according to the Ethos.
Demonstrate initiative by already following the Team Leader Expectations.
Tell the GM for the game that you are interested. If approved, succeed in probation.

How To Become A Field Commander


Be an existing TL for a game.
Demonstrate that you are an effective TL and act according to the Ethos.
Tell the GM for the game that you are interested. If approved, succeed in probation.