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The purpose of the Alliance Navy's activity policy is to maintain an accurate group roster and ensure that group leaders are available to perform their assigned duties.

Activity Groups

Group A - Active

Group B - 3 months inactive - On notice for inactivity

Group C - 6 months inactive - Inactive Reserve/Retired

Group D - 9 months inactive - Relegated back to Community Guest.


Activity is determined by Central Command on the basis of individual member participation in gaming events, Discord, VOIP, the quarterly group survey, and group meetings. A review of the roster and any promotions or relegations among activity groups will be considered on a quarterly basis by Central Command.

A member can remain an inactive reservist (Group C) indefinitely so long as they maintain communication on Discord or if they have filed a leave of absence. Central Command may ask personnel in Group C to retire on a case-by-case basis.

Retired members have a history of notable contributions to the Alliance Navy. They are excused from activity standards and will not be relegated back to community guest. Retired members are entitled to return to active service after notifying Admiralty without reapplication.