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Communication Rules & Guidelines

Golden Rules

  • NO MEANS NO: If your topic of conversation makes people uncomfortable and they tell you to stop, stop.
  • Use good sense - think before you open your mouth.
  • Communications should not be shared or reproduced without consent. Streaming with the knowledge of participants is an exception.

Content Guidelines

In the following sections where we provide a list of items they are presented as examples, not as an exclusive list. The ethos it builds upon is represented in the Field Manual as section 1, the Alliance Navy Code of Conduct.

Acceptable in all channels

  • News and current events
  • Drug/alcohol content
  • Swearing
  • Memes, except NSFW or NSFL

Only In NSFW or private discussions

  • Excessive obscenity
  • Sexual content (i.e. R-rated content or below)

Should not be in any group channels

  • Political/religious debate, discussion, or parody
  • Pornographic content or intense gore
  • Begging, soliciting money, or advertising for a third-party business
  • Casual hate speech (i.e. derogatory speech based on race, gender, religion, sexuality, etc)
  • Personal insults and aggressive language towards others (i.e. “fighting words”)

Unacceptable for the Alliance Navy's members or visitors, here or elsewhere

  • Overt hate speech
  • Sexual harassment
  • Real life threats
  • Sharing personal information without consent
  • Stirring up shit instead of solving problems


Specific interpretations of the Community Guidelines are recorded here to provide clarity to members and promote consistency by moderators.

Common Naming Guideline

Members of the Alliance Navy should use a single, common name consistently across the Alliance Navy whenever reasonable, including on our Discord, Teamspeak, forums, and games, where they participate with the Alliance Navy.

Community Advertising

Advertising other groups and Discord servers is acceptable in most cases, except when:

  • The group or server primarily exhibits content contrary to the Community Guidelines
  • The advertiser is recruiting Alliance Navy personnel to the detriment of the group (e.g. attempting to poach members to a rival community)
  • The advertiser’s contributions to the group are minimal, except for their advertisement activities.

Politics and Current Events

The Alliance Navy has intelligent members with an awareness and interest in the world. They expect, and we hope to provide, a forum for deep and mature discussion on these subjects. However, in the interest of civility and our group’s cohesion, we do not desire to provide a forum for political debate in a climate that is hyper-politicized, hyper-partisan, and often uncivil.

When posting about news and current events, please keep the following criteria in mind:

Articles and discussions should not:
  • Be about a politician or political action or issue.
  • Promote political opinions, partisan analysis, or punditry.
  • Promote a specific politician, party, political issue, or campaign.
  • Promote viewpoints that would otherwise violate the ANCG (e.g. bigotry or hate speech)

Articles may mention a political figure or issue, but should not be the primary focus. Images or video content containing a political figure are also acceptable, provided the content of the is image not political in nature outside of the mere presence of the figure in question.

Moderators and Enforcement

Consistent with the Field Manual, moderators may - among other actions within their authority - ask that conversations cease; delete prohibited content; and temporarily mute violators who continue to disregard these Guidelines. As described in the Disciplinary Guidelines, violation of the ANCG may ultimately result in disciplinary action up to and including ejection.

A moderator’s first recourse is to ask that discussion contrary to these Guidelines cease.

Generally, moderators will not delete content except where either
(a) the content is a clear and substantial violation of these Guidelines; or,
(b) the content continues to invite dispute, unrest or further violation of these Guidelines.

The enforcement of these guidelines requires considerable judgement and discretion. Accordingly, moderators are given wide latitude to tailor their actions to the circumstances at hand. The decisions of moderators are binding, and members and guests are expected to respect their decision and discretion.

Members or guests seeking further explanation of a moderator action should contact the moderator in question or the Master At Arms. While a member may disagree with an action and pursue that disagreement through proper channels, public argument or personal attacks regarding a moderator action are violations of these Guidelines and may result in disciplinary action.