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Standard squad structure will be assumed and followed during Op Night events. Op Lead (typically Zeus) has the right to change and approve changes to squad structure, however, their decision is final. Themed campaigns or events are typical examples of exceptions. All squad slots will be available for signup in the OPOR prior to Op Night. It is strongly encouraged for players to sign up for preferential positions, as Squad Leads and Op Lead will assign all unassigned players at their own discretion.


  • Squad leader/JTAC is the only player that should carry a long-range radio on their person. Fire support (Pilots, Mortars, etc) may carry a long range when in support
  • Squad Leaders and Fireteam Leaders will carry PRC-148.
  • Rifleman will carry a RF-7800S-TR (NOT A PRC-148/152)

Standard Infantry Squad

  • Squad Leader
    • Fireteam-1 (Fire Support)
      • Fireteam Leader
      • Autorifleman
      • Ammo Bearer
      • Grenadier/Heavy AT
      • Autorifleman
      • Corpsman
    • Fireteam-2 (Assaulters)
      • Fireteam Leader
      • Rifleman (AT)
      • Rifleman (AT)
      • Rifleman (AT)
      • Corpsman


Substitutes at discretion of Op Lead/Squad Lead

  • Marksman/Spotter pair replace Grenadier/Autorifleman
  • Breacher replace Fireteam-2 Riflemen
  • Sapper replace Fireteam-2 Rifleman
  • JTAC replace Grenadier/AT