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Activity Organized
Clan unit/alliancenavy
Manager Nem
Team Leaders Meyar Geirsilver Nuclearmoose Chopper Marshall
Game Days __W__S_


The Alliance Navy focuses on a mixture of casual and hardcore gameplay elements, with a heavy focus on teamwork and communication. During regular hours, a dedicated server is hosting Liberation or Warfare style scenario available to all members and guests. Op Nights are every Saturday at 2300 Zulu time.

Joining the Unit

- Full members (not guests or community friends) may join the Unit for access to the unit patch and earning proficiency ratings (coming soon).

- Include your Discord ID and/or nickname when completing the application.

- When complete contact Nem or Dustin in order to be accepted.

- The Alliance Navy BI unit and application can be found here

Getting Started

ARMA 3 Mods

Set-up TFAR/Enhanced Movement

ARMA 3 Loadout Checklist

ACE3 Advanced Medical Guide

Standard Squad Structure

Tools For Mission Makers/Zeus

ARMA 3 Arsenal Presets

ARMA 3 Setup Guide

Server Manager (login required)