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The Alliance Navy Event Calendar is located at

All members of the Alliance Navy, especially but not exclusively [Team Leaders], are encouraged to use the Calendar to plan events. Events created on this calendar are announced in the #events-notices channel on Discord exactly 1 hour prior to their scheduled start. These use the following format:

Google Calendar Alert
EVENT NAME is coming up in one hour!
View more upcoming events:

All Calendar Events should be scheduled using Eastern Standard/Daylight Time (GMT -0500 / GMT -0400). Please see this link for assistance with time zone conversion.

Announce Groups

To utilize the "Announce Groups" functionality, simply place the Role ID into the Location field of the event when you are creating it. At the time of the event announcement in #event-notices, the role will receive an "@mention" by the bot, alerting them that an event is about to start. The table below can also be used for any other Discord web hooks requiring notifications for a specific member role.

Community Roles

Some of these groups are quite large. Please utilize the ability to alert them responsibily.

Role Role ID
Central Command <@&465326889750495242>
Operations Command <@&465328583854784512>
Community Council <@&465328279604428801>
Community Member <@&252487231028068363>
Team Leader (Arma) <@&467618487817207808>
Team Leader (Squad) <@&465342165103542288>
Trainer (Squad) <@&465342005799550977>
Pathfinder (Squad) <@&467786310032162826>
Moderators <@&465333252018667530>
Recruitment <@&465333075174359054>

Game Roles

Role Role ID
Angels Fall First <@&414235227087568907>
Arma <@&268006339161096192>
Blackwake <@&290687158510157824>
Destiny 2 <@&373592084491272202>
Dual Universe <@&422945824331530241>
EVE Online <@&255327310062944256>
Foxhole <@&344195706015186944>
Minecraft <@&333238244097523712>
Overwatch <@&413878390743891978>
PUBG <@&298843695795666944>
Post Scriptum <@&465962320019849236>
Quake Champions <@&463229333964849153>
Squad <@&465374925163593729>
Space Engineers <@&358426864878092298>
Star Citizen <@&268005960528691200>
Stellaris <@&298548824111316992>
War Thunder <@&356314933597831169>
Warframe <@&370920109612466177>
Wargame <@&359474072083496960>
World of Warships <@&354998272089128960>