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Welcome Message

Hi Swift, welcome to the Alliance Navy Wiki!

Editing the Wiki

To gain edit permissions, contact a Centcom member, or the AN Yeoman (Sam Handwich) to inform them that you've registered.

Once you've been flagged as a member, you'll be free to edit the Wiki!

Learn more about editing the AN Wiki here.

Creating your Profile

Please be sure to take a moment and customize your user profile.

You should be able to do this right now, even if you haven't been flagged as a member yet! Get in there!

For help with the infobox, please see here.

You're welcome to customize your profile however you like, with a couple of exceptions:

Profile Rules

  • Keep it "Safe For Work"
  • Don't break the Community Guidelines
  • Don't break the Wiki.
  • Don't falsify your rank, role, or awards.


Q: How do I add a profile picture?

A: Upload one Here, then put the filename (i.e. File.jpg) in the "picture" line of your profile's infobox.

Q: Why can't I edit my profile page?

A: Make sure you confirm your email address. If you didn't provide one, you'll need to ask an officer to flag you as a member.

Q: What's a branch?

A: Branches are a historical feature of the Alliance Navy, and currently cosmetic. Enter 'f' for Fleet, 'a' for Aviation, 'm' for Marines. Your choice!

Q: Do I need to leave this message on my talk page?

A: Nope! Delete it whenever you like. Happy editing!

-- Automation (talk) 18:30, 7 August 2018 (UTC)