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LT Nem
Aliases Nem, Lt Babyface, Example Member
Service 2010 - present
Branch Fleet
Rank O-2 Lieutenant
Roles ArmA Manager, Moderator
Games Arma, Squad

This is the alliance navy member infobox.

It relies on Template:Rank, Template:Branch, Template:Infobox

The following box shows how it works and an example usage, which can be seen to the right.

{{Infobox Member
|name = The name of the member
|aliases = Optional extra names for the member
|discord = The member's discord account (not display) name
|picture = An optional profile picture
|branch = The member's selected branch
|rank = The member's rank short-code; e1, e2, ... o1, o2, ... a1, a2
|joined = The year the member joined most recently
|retired = The year the member left, if applicable
|firstjoined = The year the member first joined, if this is not their first rodeo
|roles = Any roles the member has, such as Moderator or Trainer
|games = The games the member plays, such as Squad or Arma

{{Infobox Member
|name = Nem
|picture = Nem.jpg
|aliases = Lt Babyface, Example Member
|discord = 
|branch = f
|rank = o2
|firstjoined = 
|joined = 2010
|retired = 
|roles = [[Arma|ArmA Manager]], [[Moderators|Moderator]]
|games = [[Arma]], [[Squad]]