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Arma 3
Activity Organized
Clan unit/alliancenavy
Server arma.alliancenavy.org:2302
Manager Nem
Team Leaders Meyar
Game Days __W_FS_

This is the alliance navy game infobox.

It relies on Template:Weekdays

The following box shows how it works and an example usage, which can be seen to the right.

{{Infobox Game
|name = The game name
|picture = A picture of the game
|activity = One of "Inactive", "Ad-Hoc", or "Organized"
|clan = If we have a clan, the clan name, as a link if available
|server = If we have a server, the server connection details, as a link if available
|manager = If the game has a manager, the manager
|team = If the game has team leaders or trainers, the team leaders and trainers
|days = If the game is played on regular days, the days using {{Weekdays|0000000}}, with 0 or 1 for each day of the week

{{Infobox Game
|name = Arma 3
|picture = Nem.jpg
|activity = Organized
|clan = [https://units.arma3.com/unit/alliancenavy unit/alliancenavy]
|server = arma.alliancenavy.org:2302
|manager = [[User:Nem|Nem]]
|team = [[User:Meyar|Meyar]]
|days = {{Weekdays|0010110}}