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Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) is an ArmA 3 mod/Teamspeak Plugin that gives players a more immersive radio and communication system. It requires a bit more setup than your standard ArmA 3 mod, but is absolutely worth the effort.

Enhanced Movement is just that, a mod that enhances the movement system to allow climbing, vaulting, jumping, and more. It does not require any outside installation other than the game, but requires rebinding some keys to work.

Installing TFAR

To Install TFAR properly requires both the ArmA 3 mod and a Teamspeak 3 Plugin.

  1. Install and activate the TFAR mod, found on the ArmA 3 Mods page.
  2. Download the Teamspeak 3 plugin from the mod webpage here.
  3. Extract ONLY the Teamspeak Plugin Folder
  4. Open the Teamspeak Plugin folder, and install BOTH the plugin and the compatibility patch (double click to install).
  5. Ensure the plugin is active in your Teamspeak client by checking Tools > Options > Addons and scrolling down and check that the TFAR plugin is enabled.

NOTE: Teamspeak 3 must be run as administrator for TFAR to work properly

Enabling Enhanced Movement

When on the main menu (with the mod active obviously) launch a singleplayer scenario. When loaded in and boots on ground, hit escape. On the right you’ll see the button for the enhanced movement in green text, double click on it, then double click on "Keys". Jump/Climb should be associated with User Action 1, if it is not, set it to User Action 1.

Once you’re sure Jump/Climb is set to User Action 1, back out to the main pause screen and click on options>controls. Click the drop down and display the Infantry Movement controls. Scroll through the actions until you get to "Step Over". Click on that, and press the delete button to delete the binding “v”, then click OK in the bottom right. That unbinds the standard vault key so it can be rebound for Jump/Climb. THIS MAKES YOU UNABLE TO VAULT OVER THINGS WITHOUT THE MOD ACTIVE.

Then click the Show dropdown and select Custom controls. Click on Use Action 1, then press the “v” key, then click OK. Once Use Action 1 is assigned to the “V” key, click OK in the bottom right hand corner. This associates v key to jump/climb in enhanced movement.

Additional hotkeys can be bound for enhanced movement at the players preference, however that basic jump/climb key must be bound in the very least.