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This page is a copy of this document, originally issued via Google Docs.

Alliance Navy Leadership Council

To all Alliance Navy members,

For nearly 13 years, we have maintained an organized presence in Second Life. As the birthplace of the Alliance Navy, it has been the primary focus of the group for over a decade, but as our interests widened so did our scope. In 2017 we shifted towards a new model entirely, hoping to expand our scope and appeal beyond that game’s aging, limited state. This effort has succeeded in the last year beyond anything myself or other council members (past or present) could have expected. After lengthy and tough deliberation, we have decided to bring official operations in Second Life to a close.

As time passed, it became ever clearer that the game in which the AN first planted its roots was no longer able to deliver the experience so many of us had enjoyed for so many years, and was only capable of continuing on as a point of pride and little more. The Second Life Military Community, our primary source of interaction within SL, has largely moved on. Our main rivals over the years have long since left the game themselves, the remainder having degraded into organizations a fraction of their size, shells of their former selves, stagnant in development and growth, more interested in making each other miserable than anything else. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved, the AN SL op has not been immune to these effects, and on a number of occasions has fallen victim to them.

Effective 6 Jan 2018, the Alliance Navy main group will be made open, with veteran members able to request a special tag, with all equipment available to veteran members. Recruiting operations for SL will be winding down, and Second Life will be omitted from future applications. All financed content creation on behalf of the Alliance Navy in Second Life will cease, and the rent/ownership of a parcel for the purposes of combat or utility in the AN’s name will be forbidden.

This decision was not made without trepidation on our part, and we ourselves are fond of reminiscing over the times we’ve shared in the past. That said, it is imperative we maintain a focus towards both the present and the future. As always, we choose to work towards a bigger, better organization than we’ve ever had before. We will focus on continuing to grow our community elsewhere including in Squad, ARMA, Star Citizen, and beyond. While our time in Second Life may be coming to an end, the Alliance Navy will live on.

Mors Est Nobis,


Fleet Admiral

Alliance Navy Leadership Council